Medical Devices

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Wartenberg Pinwheel With Leather Sheath KL-000
The Wartenberg Pinwheel has prickly pins that can be rolled over the skin, creating a tickling and teasing and tingling sensation that many people find incredibly arousing. Invented to test nerve responses for possible damage, the Wartenberg wheel is pointy enough to stimulate wherever it goes, but not sharp enough to puncture skin.
Curb Tip Safety Scissors KL-017
These Curb Tip Safety Scissors are ideal to provide a quick release from ropes, straps, and bandages without pricking or cutting the skin. This allows the scissors to quickly and safely free a bound submissive from tape gauze twine and more when the scene is completed. An invaluable tool to have when "tied up" needs to become "untied" as fast as possible they can also be used for indulging medical fetishes or playfully cutting away clothing for an erotic experience.