Double Penetrator

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Menage A Trois Strap-On with Dildo SS697-01
Double penetration harness and dildo set designed for even penetration. The harness is adjustable for hips up to 60 inches. The harness has two interchangeable metal rings so it will fit you and the dildo of your choice. What makes this harness so great is that you can use one ring as a cock ring and the other holds the dildo.
Thug Double-fucker Silicone - Black  OX-1121-BLK
THUG is a dick dildo attached to a cockring…stretch the ring around YOUR cock and balls and it lays out on top of your meat for one hot double-FUCK. It’s not a cocksheath so your dick is free to use with it on for DP or drop your dick and fuck with just THUG. Its like a strap-on that isn't STRAPPED ON! The silicone cockring at the base really does keep this fat fucker in place.

The cockring part stretches to fit comfortably, it’s a 1.5” medium-firm silicone ring that stretches and grips. THUG is 8” from base to tip and a little more than 6.5 inches around.

Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch