Adult Candy

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Happy Ending Fortune Cookies - Valentines Edition ICB0051-2
Seven unique naughty fortune cookies for seven nights of fun. Each individually wrapped delicious and baked fresh in the USA. Fortune Examples Wild Card Tonight is your choice. Tonight you will experience a massage like no other.
Billy - Deep Blue LELO-1031
BILLY is a gentleman’s prostate massager ideal for exploring a more energetic sensation within. With an ergonomic design perfectly suited to the male form, he offers sustained control through five differing stimulation modes. Such versatility achieves breathtaking results, where vibrations may be kept mild during arousal, before increasing to the levels that excite his user most. Whether enjoyed individually or with a partner, BILLY is a highly discreet and satisfying companion, always primed to deliver the most varied feelings of release.
Jawbreaker Ball Gag KL-734
Love the idea of a ball gag but find the taste of rubber a turn off? This tasty combo of candy and bondage takes shape in this fun Jawbreaker Ball Gag. Made with the traditional adjustable leather straps to hold the gag on the head, while a firm plastic bit spears a wide edible jawbreaker in the front. Made for advanced players.
Happy Ending Fortune Cookies - 50 Shades Of Play Edition -7 Pack  ICB0052-2
Seven fetish fortunes for seven nights of pain and pleasure with your naughty lover. Each individually wrapped and baked deliciously fresh in the USA.
Happy Ending Fortune Cookies - Provocative Edition - 7 Pack ICB0050-2
Seven naughty fortune cookies for seven nights of fun with your lover. Each individually wrapped delicious and baked fresh in the USA.