Under The Bed Restraints

Manufacturer: Sportsheets
Product Code: SS202-01
Availability: In Stock
Price: $67.09

Turn any size bed into a place of binding pleasure. Restraint straps quickly fit beneath any mattress or frame without hooks. Restrain your partner’s arms or legs from the sides or the top and bottom of the bed. Portable and travel-sized.. Includes 4 cuffs and restraint straps.

A Plus
“Fit perfectly on my queen sized bed and didn’t hurt my partner’s wrists. Fits snugly. This is probably the best set out there”. -- Doug - 08/07/2014

“I bought this item thinking it might be fun once or twice and then break but I was wrong. This product has been put through hell and it’s still holding. The straps are adjustable for any height and the whole thing is easily concealed when you have company or inquisitive kids. This definitely adds spice to the bedroom and it’s something that can be used anywhere and at any time it’s also perfect for traveling. We will be traveling abroad in a few months October and you can believe that this is coming with us!” -- Stewart - 08/07/2014

Bondage ;)
“If you’re looking for mostly-secure fun with a potential way out, then this is a good system for you. The price for a system of this quality is great, though. I’d definitely buy again if I needed to.” -- JessicaS - 08/07/2014

So Nice!
“The wrist and ankle straps are extremely soft and very comfortable! They detach and can be clipped anywhere! I’m very happy with it! -- Johnny - 08/07/2014

Kinky Fun
I have had many opportunities to be disappointed with the standard bed frames – there’s nothing to tie your partner to! Now, that problem has been ingeniously solved by Sportsheets with their under-the-bed restraint system! Easily adjustable for single, double, queen or king size, just slip under the mattress and your partner’s own weight will hold them still for your pleasure! I love it. Don’t be fooled by all the imitations and fraudulent under the bed systems out there like I was. Look for true Sportsheets products and you won’t be disappointed with the quality — I wasn’t. -- Randall - 08/07/2014

Best bed restraints we've found so far! These are adjustable and the cuffs can unhook from the bed hookup system. M y partner and I both love them. They're easy to set up and not uncomfortable. They didn't even leave marks. -- - 04/13/2016

Very great product. Left absolutely no marks and was prefect for what we had in mind. -- - 02/23/2017

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