Sprocket Cockring Atomic Jock - Smoke Clear

Manufacturer: Oxballs
Product Code: OX-AJ1043-SMK
Availability: In Stock
Price: $13.50

SPROCKET cockring is made from all new material, it feels “blubbery”… squishy…but elastic enough to squeeze your junk and keep you super-hard—it will not dig into your flesh like other cockrings. The result is the perfect cockring, it’s strong and super stretchy, rubbery enough it doesn’t choke your balls til they're blue… Item comes packaged in a heat sealed pouch

Product Specifications:
  • Length: 2.25 inches.
  • Circumference: 5.75 inches.

Cleaning Instructions:
Cleaning: detergent and warm water after use.

Material: Tpr (thermoplastic Rubber)

Lube Recommended: Oil Based

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Sprocket Cockring Atomic Jock - Black


Sprocket Cockring Atomic Jock - Clear


Sprocket Cockring Atomic Jock - Ice Blue

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Sprocket Cockring Atomic Jock - Ruby Red

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